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Resources to help you tell Jewish seekers about the Messiah.

Judaism and the Jewish People: An Overview

by Rich Robinson

A religion profile from International Students, Inc. Available in PDF and HTML format.

Some Pointers on Witnessing to Jews

by David Brickner

Available in PDF for PrintingPDF for Reading and HTML format.

Witnessing to Jews Book

by Moishe and Ceil Rosen

This practical, insightful how-to book comes from the pen of Moishe Rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus, and his wife Ceil. This much-needed manual explores Jewish beliefs, how to answer objections, conversation starters, and more.

Read sample chapter from Witnessing to Jews(PDF Format)

Witnessing to Jews Book and DVD Video Set

by Moishe and Ceil Rosen

An often-requested and much-anticipated follow-up to Moishe and Ceil's witnessing book, this seminar package includes a book, video and study guide, and is a great resource for the Christian who wants help in witnessing.

Watch a 3-minute video preview of the Witnessing to Jews video.

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volumes 1-5

by Michael Brown

Recommended for the non-believer, and equally helpful for the Christian wanting to learn how to respond to Jewish objections.

Street Evangelism Training CD-ROM Set

Don't let the title fool you. This double CD-ROM set can help you witness to Jewish people not just on the street, but also in the office, your school, or over a cup of coffee (de-caf if you or your friend are excitable).

Growth Book Especially for New Jewish Believers

Publisher: Purple Pomegranate Productions

Your Jewish friend has just come to faith in Jesus! Now what? Get this indispensable guide, developed especially for new Jewish believers. Includes an extensive list of recommended books, periodicals and music. Available in PDF and Printed Booklet format.

Questions and Answers

questions ThumbnailA booklet that intellectually answers many of the common Jewish objections to believing in Jesus.

Testimony Booklets

booklets ThumbnailIndividual stories of faith in booklet form. Some of these stories are available FREE for download in our E-books section.

Y'shua—The Jewish Way to Say Jesus

Y'shua, the Jewish Way to Say Jesusby Moishe Rosen

A brief primer on messianic prophecy; includes many rabbinical references.

Stories of Jews for Jesus

testimonies Thumbnailedited by Matt Sieger

Real people…real choices—choosing Jesus! Compelling stories, high drama.

Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician

doctors Thumbnailedited by Ruth Rosen

Here are ten first-person accounts of Jewish doctors who came to know Jesus as their personal Messiah and who want other Jews to hear the gospel as well.

Between Two Fathers

two fathers Thumbnailby Charles Barg, M.D.

An intimate portrait of a Jewish boy's journey to adulthood…and the most difficult choice he's ever had to make—between faith in Jesus and his father's approval.

The Last Jew of Rotterdam

last jew Thumbnailby Ernest Cassutto

This riveting true story interweaves the journeys of Ernest and Elisabeth from the horror of the Holocaust to salvation in Jesus the Messiah.

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

objections Thumbnailby Michael Brown

Comprehensive collection of responses to the kinds of objections your Jewish friend may raise—or may have heard raised by someone else. Moishe Rosen says: "Michael Brown's ability to explain so that anyone can understand is amazing. He will surely be acclaimed as the new expert in Jewish Christian apologetics." The first two of a planned three-volume set. Suitable for giving or loaning to the sincerely inquiring Jewish person.

The Y'shua Challenge

challenge Thumbnailcompiled by Eliyah Gould, Rich Robinson and Ruth Rosen

A booklet that confronts and answers some of the major questions unbelieving Jewish people ask.

Future Hope

futurehope Thumbnailby David Brickner

An end-time prophecy book that tells of our hope in Messiah, Jesus.

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